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The largest collection of Wetware projects and articles to be found anywhere on the web

Ullasmann has tons of fantastic AVR projects, all zipped up and ready to roll

WetWare projects CES, GSR, Zappers and more

Android interfacing with the real world

ARM based Native Code projects, from the perspective of an AVR Assembler Freak

Projects based on the AVR Tiny13/15/25/2313

Projects for a Recycled Atmel powered Ericsson Handy

Projects for a Recycled Motorola powered Palm 111

US Telephone Tone Generator

8-Bit International Telephone Ringer



Temperature Recorder

Input Multiplexer

Digital Ringer

Internet Connection

Proportional Integral Derivitative Controller

Debouncer using DSP routine

Debouncer using A2D routine

Digital Low PassFilter

Led Light Detector

Power Supply Unit

RGB Color Meter

Color Sensor

And there's more, much, much more ...