First Step to programming the Arm powered  Stm32 Cortex M3. Get this; upto 32K  it’s free!


Second Step is to purchase one of these boards here:


Make sure you get the Stm32 Mini with the 64-Pin Stm32F103RBT6 and NOT the version with


the 100-Pin Stm32F103VET6 on board. That’s the board I’m currently using and the software


was written for this version only. If you’re patient and can afford to wait, the price of the


Stm Mini can go down to €25 or less!!


Third Step is to flash the compiled .exe file onto the Stm Mini, using this freeware tool here :


Fourth Step is to download the following programming manuals and tutorials.


Fifth Step is to read, casually at first, through the manuals to try to get an overall “feel” for


the task at hand. All of the Stm32 manuals have to do with the Cortex M3 Arm based


processor and this is the chip we’re going to start this programming course with.