Micro Pulser

Complex Magnetic Field Generator



As a follow up to the "Good Vibes" kinaesthetic device, hereby the second in the promised series of "Android interfacing to the Real World".

Ever heard of Professor Michael Persinger? No, well then please have a gawk at these interesting links here. Promising hypothesis indeed!

Complex low-frequency micro-pulse magnetic fields can have a beneficial, almost hypnotic effect on our very own parallel processor-brain!

Well, as I can resist everything except temptation, I just had to give it a go and roll my very own Android powered version.

Two modified Reed-Relays function as air-cored coils and are driven by a 1 volt AC waveform from the Android Earphone-Socket

A Random Number Generator chooses a new frequency at each Interval-Rate and these are then output via the Earphone-Socket to the Coils.

The coils can be held right snug and comfortable against the forehead temples using a simple cloth headband.

As a kind of multi-sensory feedback experience a Red-Led is driven in synchronisation with the frequency changes and provides an attractive meditation focus. 

Does it work? That's the ultimate question. Much of the effect of such a device may, of course, stem from the well known auto-suggestion/placebo effect. 

If you believe it will do you good, it probably will, especially if it costs you a lot of money.

The programs offered are as follows:

1:    Alpha_Low from 8 to 10 Hz.

2:    Alpha_High from 10 to 12 Hz.

3:    Beta_Low from 12 to 20 Hz.

4:    Beta_High from 20 to 30 Hz.

5:    Delta_Low from 1 to 2.5 Hz.

6:    Delta_High from 2.5 to 4 Hz.

7:    Theta_Low from 4 to 6 Hz.

8:    Theta_High from 6 to 8 Hz.

At the end of each Interval-Rate a random number generator routine chooses one frequency from the bandwidth 

offered by the chosen program option and displays it along with the name of the selected program.

The four Program-Times are equal to the following:

1:    15 Minutes

2:    30 Minutes

3:    60 Minutes

4:    75 Minutes

The eight Waveform types are these:

1:    Sine Wave

2:    Square Wave

3:    Sawtooth Wave

4:    Triangle Wave

5:    White-Noise Wave

6:    Pink-Noise Wave

7:    Brown-Noise Wave

8:    Purple-Noise Wave

And last but not least, the eight Interval-Rates offered are as follows:

1:    5 Seconds

2:    6 Seconds

3:   10 Seconds

4:   12 Seconds

5:   15 Seconds

6:   20 Seconds

7:   30 Seconds

8:   60 Seconds

How to assemble it:

1:    Carefully open up the Stereo Earphones and remove the attached speakers

2:    Remove the outer plastic moulding of both the Reed relays and remove the electromagnetic coils.

3:    Using care gently solder the Coils to the 3.5 mm stereo cable

4:    Now fix these miniature coils into the earphone enclosure housings using a dab of glue and reassemble same 

5:    Attach the Stereo Earphones to the head band via the clips so that they are sitting comfortably on the temples  


6:    Plug the device into the Android Audio Socket and enjoy



1:   MicroPulser 1.0.apk        Download                    

2:   MicroPulser 1.0.bas        Download

3:   MicroPulser 1.0.apk       QR_Install