How to install a new assembler Project using the Keil uVision Ide.


1:    Select Project tab on the Ide and click on New uVision Project...



2:    The Ide responds by opening a Create New Project window, which allows us to


store the program to be compiled into the Test folder.



3:    The Ide then opens a new window named Select Device for Target 'Target1'... and we can


scroll down to our selected Stm32 chip ... STM32F103RB. Having selected the chip to be used,


a quick glance across at the Description can verify, that we have chosen the proper chip variant.



4:    The Ide then answers with  the following. Simply click on 'Yes'



5:    Now we have to select the Options, which we wish to install.


Select the Target tab and click on the Default settings as shown below.



6:    Using the Output tab now, please choose the following settings.



7:    And please do the same with the Listing tab below.



8:     Now do the same with the User tab below.



9:    Select Optimise for Time as well as Optimisation Level 3[-03].



10:    I use the Default settings as below, so no need to do anything!



11:    I choose to select the following settings



12:    Here we choose to use the in-package software Simulator and Limit Speed to Real-Time.



13:     We're using the Stm32 Flasher as an External Tool for Flash Programming and set it to


Run Independent mode. The Ide requests the Folder in which the flasher program is stored.



Ok then, please give it a go and kindly bring me up to speed with how it progresses :-)